Conceal Carry is in full swing right now and choosing the right firearm for you is going to be important.

If you are looking for a semi-auto pistol, you first have to determine the caliber you would like:

380acp (Less recoil, 90-95gr bullet, $20 for 50 rounds Target, $20 25rds defensive, low-medium knockdown)

9MM (Little recoil, 115-147gr bullet, $14 for 50 rounds Target, $20 25rds defensive, medium knockdown)

40SW (Moderate recoil, 165-180gr bullet, $18 for 50 rounds Target, $20 25rd defensive, medium-high knockdown)

45acp (Higher Recoil, 185-230gr bullet, $20 for 50rds Target, $20 25rd defensive, high knockdown)

Next, Will be the features:

Smallest Possible: (Ruger LCP 380, Keltec 380, Kimber Solo 9mm, Sig P238 380, Kahr CM9/CM40, CW380)

Small: (Smith Shield 9/40, Springfield XDS 9/45, Sig 938 9mm,, LC9/380 9/380, Kahr CW 9/40/45, Taurus slim 9/40)

Medium (Bersa Thunder 380, Taurus Millennium 9/40)

Let me just say this, safety’s are a great feature, however are you going to be able to deactivate them in time of an emergency?

If you answer no, our recommendation would be Springfield Armory XDS 9 or 45, Kahr 9/40/45

If you answer yes, our recommendation would be Taurus Slim 9/40, Sig 238/938, Kimber solo 9mm, Ruger LC9/380