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We are starting to focus on the website again and will start updating the new and used guns as we can

The newest additions are going to be on the used gun section

Please Follow the link below for just added used firearms:

Ammunition Update


*22lr HIGH VELOCITY 100rd Limit 4.99(50)x2 = $9.99 Per 100
*380 Auto Brass Case 50rd Limit = $22.99, Steel 100rd limit $19
*9mm Brass Cased
Ultramax 125gr FMJ Brass/Nickle Case = 250rd limit $15.99
        Winchester 115gr FMJ Brass = 100rd limit $16.99
*22Mag $13.99 to $15.99 (50rd Limit)
*45acp 230gr PMC (100rd limit)
*40SW PMC or Win (200rd limit)
20rd $9.99,
120rd $59.99,
150rd(62gr) $74.99,
1000rd $449.99 (55gr)
*7.62×39 1000rds only $299.99
*30-06/.308win $17.99 per 20
*38spl 50rd (100rd limit)
*357mag (50rd limit)


We are actively seeking used firearms for our inventory:

  • We offer top dollar on trade ins for any firearm on hand or special orders
  • We pay top dollar for your firearms
  • Rifles/Shotguns/Revolvers/Pistol/Muzzleloaders we take them all
  • Single firearms, Multiple or Collections


  1. Not only do we offer the best price for trade in/sell, we also provide the best price on in stock firearms compared to all other brick and mortar firearm stores in the area

  2. We match brick and mortar store in terms of price, as long as we dont lose money, if the item is in stock at their physical location(pawn shops excluded)


Come check us out and you will be happy you did!!


90 Day Layaway


We offer 90 day layaway plans

25% down

90 days to pay

No refunds after 30 days

New Firearms and Ammuntion

Large batch of Rock River AR-15′s just in:

  • Rock River AR-15′s Fully Decked out only $1299.99
  • Basic Carbines  $899.99
  • Everything in between as well

Fresh AK-47′s 7.62×39:

  • Black American Redesigned only $569.99, 2 30rd mag
  • Romanian Wasr-10 Military  only $699.99
  • M+M Custom Ak’s                only $699.99
  • Ak Pistols, American Made    only $599.99

New Ammo in stock:

  • 9mm 115gr and 124gr   (100rd Limit)
  • 40SW  165gr and 180gr  (100rd limit)
  • 45acp   230gr                  (100rd limit)
  • 223   55gr and 62gr        (1000rd limit)
  • 7.62×39                           (1000rd limit)
  • 380 auto                         (100rd limit)
  • Alot more in stock just named a few of the hot ones these days

Call us today to reserve any firearm or set up shipping to a dealer near you

Thank you

Phone 309-347-6060………………or email

Firearm Sales

 New/Used Gun Link

Please check our firearm section daily as new items will be added

We are able to accept credit card payments by phone

We can ship to any state where the gun is legal via UPS

If you are looking a for a firearm not yet listed on our site, new or used, please give us a call 309-347-6060 or please use contact us section

Thank You


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Please take a look around our site

It is by far no means near completion

Just trying to lie down the framework

Please send us any questions or comments

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Thank you for visiting the future site for Pekin Gun and Sporting Goods

We have including a contact section for your convenience to send us any questions or comments

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