Used Firearms Updated 2-24-15

We have just updated our used firearms inventory

This is just a fraction of what we have in stock for used inventory

Please check out the used firearms page and check back for more guns added daily


Pekin Gun & Sporting Goods

We would like to thank you, our customer


We would like to thank you, our customers for your continued support

If it has been for the past 40 years, or over the past month, we definitely appreciate it

We would not be where we are today without your continued support

We started out in a small garage, and now we are in the former Schwinn bicycle shop, where we house over 3000 (IN STOCK) firearms on display everyday, as well as all the other necessity such as:

Ammunition            Reloading Components          Knives       Clothing     and much much more

We strive to have the best prices, best selection, best knowledge of any store in the state

We also offer the best prices on your trade in’s as well

Rather it be Buy/Sell/Trade or even just to get a little information, we always look forward to seeing you every time you come in



Thank You!!!!


Pekin Gun

Weekly Specials Oct 13th to Oct 18th


Buy any Taurus Semi Auto Pistol (Receive 50rds FREE!!!)   *Excludes TCP 380

Colt AR-15, Law Enforcement 16″ Carbine, 223/5.56  only $800.00   *Package available for $899.99

Rock Island 1911 Tactical, 45acp   only $469.99

Diamondback, Conceal Carry DB9, 9mm (Baby Glock)   only  $299.99   (Retail $431)


Fiocchi 380acp 50rd   only $19.99

Magtech or PMC 9mm 50rd only $13.99

Armscor 45acp 50rds  only $19.99

Magtech 40SW 50rd only $18.99    or Federal 100rd 40SW only $37.99

Armscor 223/5.56 1000rd 55gr   (American Made)   only $369.99

Tula 7.62×39 1000rds only $299.99

Fiocchi 357mag 50rds only $25.99


Conceal Carry (The Right Choice)

Conceal Carry is in full swing right now and choosing the right firearm for you is going to be important.

If you are looking for a semi-auto pistol, you first have to determine the caliber you would like:

380acp (Less recoil, 90-95gr bullet, $20 for 50 rounds Target, $20 25rds defensive, low-medium knockdown)

9MM (Little recoil, 115-147gr bullet, $14 for 50 rounds Target, $20 25rds defensive, medium knockdown)

40SW (Moderate recoil, 165-180gr bullet, $18 for 50 rounds Target, $20 25rd defensive, medium-high knockdown)

45acp (Higher Recoil, 185-230gr bullet, $20 for 50rds Target, $20 25rd defensive, high knockdown)

Next, Will be the features:

Smallest Possible: (Ruger LCP 380, Keltec 380, Kimber Solo 9mm, Sig P238 380, Kahr CM9/CM40, CW380)

Small: (Smith Shield 9/40, Springfield XDS 9/45, Sig 938 9mm,, LC9/380 9/380, Kahr CW 9/40/45, Taurus slim 9/40)

Medium (Bersa Thunder 380, Taurus Millennium 9/40)

Let me just say this, safety’s are a great feature, however are you going to be able to deactivate them in time of an emergency?

If you answer no, our recommendation would be Springfield Armory XDS 9 or 45, Kahr 9/40/45

If you answer yes, our recommendation would be Taurus Slim 9/40, Sig 238/938, Kimber solo 9mm, Ruger LC9/380

Ammunition In Stock

As you may see ammunition is starting to catch back up

However, the more popular calibers are still running out by the time you get to your local store

We do gaurentee in stock several types of ammunition, in quantity as well:

    • 380acp (100rds to 250rds….depending on stock status)
    • 9mm    (No limit)
    • 40SW  (No limit)
    • 38spl   (No limit)
    • 45acp  (No limit)
    • 223/5.56 (No limit)
    • 7.62×39  (No limit)
    • 22lr (100rd limit)
    • 357mag  (100rd limit)
    • 45lc (50rd limit)
    • 308, 30-06, 243, 270, 45-70  (No limit)

New Website Additions


We are starting to focus on the website again and will start updating the new and used guns as we can

The newest additions are going to be on the used gun section

Please Follow the link below for just added used firearms:


We are actively seeking used firearms for our inventory:

  • We offer top dollar on trade ins for any firearm on hand or special orders
  • We pay top dollar for your firearms
  • Rifles/Shotguns/Revolvers/Pistol/Muzzleloaders we take them all
  • Single firearms, Multiple or Collections


  1. Not only do we offer the best price for trade in/sell, we also provide the best price on in stock firearms compared to all other brick and mortar firearm stores in the area

  2. We match brick and mortar store in terms of price, as long as we dont lose money, if the item is in stock at their physical location(pawn shops excluded)


Come check us out and you will be happy you did!!


90 Day Layaway


We offer 90 day layaway plans

25% down

90 days to pay

No refunds after 30 days

New Firearms and Ammuntion

Large batch of Rock River AR-15’s just in:

  • Rock River AR-15’s Fully Decked out only $1299.99
  • Basic Carbines  $899.99
  • Everything in between as well

Fresh AK-47’s 7.62×39:

  • Black American Redesigned only $569.99, 2 30rd mag
  • Romanian Wasr-10 Military  only $699.99
  • M+M Custom Ak’s                only $699.99
  • Ak Pistols, American Made    only $599.99

New Ammo in stock:

  • 9mm 115gr and 124gr   (100rd Limit)
  • 40SW  165gr and 180gr  (100rd limit)
  • 45acp   230gr                  (100rd limit)
  • 223   55gr and 62gr        (1000rd limit)
  • 7.62×39                           (1000rd limit)
  • 380 auto                         (100rd limit)
  • Alot more in stock just named a few of the hot ones these days

Call us today to reserve any firearm or set up shipping to a dealer near you

Thank you

Phone 309-347-6060………………or email

Firearm Sales

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Please check our firearm section daily as new items will be added

We are able to accept credit card payments by phone

We can ship to any state where the gun is legal via UPS

If you are looking a for a firearm not yet listed on our site, new or used, please give us a call 309-347-6060 or please use contact us section

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