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Hunting Season is just around the corner, the most popular hunting shotguns are now in stock for both bird and deer(Updated August 4th 2021):

*Savage 220 20ga Fully Rifled Slug Gun:

**Get up to a 225yd shot with this tack driver**

**Pair it with a Bushnell 1.5-4.5x32 optic or Burris 3-9x40 BDC Optic**

**Free Scope mounting and boresite with purchase of optic and rings**

*Mossberg 500 BIrd/Deer Pump Action Combo:

**Vent Rib Bird Barrel and Fully Rifled Slug Barrel Included**

**3 Chokes for the bird Barrel**

** Scope ready with a 1 piece mount(Not Included)**



Conceal Carry Best Sellers:


Here in Illinois we have had Conceal Carry for a couple of years now

Finding the right carry gun is essential, here are some of our best sellers(Updated August 4th 2021):

Ruger Security 9 9mm only  $379.99

Taurus G2c 9mm $279.99

Ruger EC9s 9mm  Black  only $279.99

Springfield XDS Mod. 2 w/ Optic 9mm 3.3″ Black   only $529.99

Ruger LCP II 380 acp or 22lr  $339.99

Glock  3rd or 5th Gen 9mm or 40   $569.99 to $679.99