Gun Smithing Services Offered

The owner, Dave Barth, is also the certified gunsmith and has been doing the trade personally over the past 20 years

We offer alot of different services which include, but not limited to:

    Gun Cleaning
    Sight Installation
    Gun Re-assembly
    Fabricating Firing Pins & Springs
    Scope base installation
    Bluing + Parkarizing


We service approximately  20 firearms a week, these will be the estimated wait times:


Sight Installation:   1 week

Basic Cleaning:   1-2 weeks

Re-Assembly:     1-2 weeks

Fabricating firing pins & springs:    2-3 weeks

Boresighting:    3 days

Scope Base Installation:  1 week

Scope Mounting:  3 days

Bluing/Parkarizing (Shipped to Texas):   est 3-5 months